Buty do garnituru Borelli

Buty do garnituru Borelli 199PLN. 
Artykuł: Kolekcja wiosenno letnia Deichman 2009
Buty do garnituru Borelli 199PLN
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  • JMH0LMNBdZub 01-08-2017 g. 01:15:26
    "this vdare column of yours, i find it very odd.undoubtedly there are good teachers, the point of reform is to keep good teachers and get rid of bad teachers (or to make them good teachers, if it's poe&sbls.)iquot;This post of yours I find very odd.In a thread about bad students vs. bad teachers, you fail to use proper punctuation and capitalization.Are you a bad student or a victim of a bad teacher?Should we get rid of you or make you use good grammar (if it's possible)?
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