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Wyprzedaże 2011 - Deichmann. 
Artykuł: Deichmann wyprzedaż obuwia z kolekcji zimowej. Styczeń 2011
Wyprzedaże 2011 - Deichmann
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  • cWPKEiJnSwvVMUJl 17-09-2012 g. 06:33:57
    Hi Christa,I originally streatd looking for information about ger towns and discovered your website for an anthropology class. So now that I am working on a research paper on Ulaanbaatar for my urban planning class at Cal Poly Pomona, URP 475 Cities in the Global Economy, I was wondering if you could provide me some additional information. Are there any good websites or organizations that have information on Ulaanbaatar especially in terms of uban development and environmental impacts?I am curious to know if along with the air pollution problems caused by stoves in gers if there was any additional problems with automobiles and/or trucks? Does the Trans-Mongolian Railway cause any major negative impacts to Ulaanbaatar?Are there any major governmental organizations trying to work on and find solutions for the air pollution problems?Sorry for all of the questions. I really appreciate your help with this.Thank you,Jeff Tyler
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